Best Practice: Smart BIN Management, Policy and Resources

Type Self-Paced
Topic Operations
Level Introductory
Duration Less than 1 hour over 6 month unlimited access
Language English

Learn how efficient BIN Management will make transition to the 8-digit BIN standard a seamless process. Now is the time to have a thorough understanding of how your current portfolio aligns with Visa policies and best practices on BIN usage. Learn the basics of how the 8-digit standard will impact current BIN, Account Range and PAN fundamentals. Be guided on how to use available reports to improve BIN portfolio efficiencies and set the stage for a smooth transition to the 8-digit standard. This training is fundamental to your planning process to adopt the upcoming standard.

Key topics:

  1. Accessing the Online Invoice Portal - How to get access and launch VOIP through Visa Online.
  2. Using and Customizing the VOIP Home Page - How to modify the field display on the VOIP home page and search for specific invoices.
  3. Updating Email Subscription Preference - How to update your email subscription preference to be notified when an invoice is available in VOIP.
  4. Viewing an Invoice - How to view the Invoice & Collection Summary, Collection Details, and Current Billing Summary and Detail sections of an invoice, and how to download invoices.
  5. Getting Help - Where to go for help in using VOIP, in understanding billing lines, and for other billing questions.

Who should view

Finance personnel in all regions except Europe who are responsible for reconciling Visa invoices with internal records and for paying Visa invoices