Payments Landscape
Payments Landscape

Innovation Series: Biometrics for Payments (recording of session held October 13, 2020)

Type Self-Paced
Topic Payments Landscape
Level Introductory
Duration Less than 1 hour
Language English

We are witnessing the evolution of biometrics in payments before our eyes as new technologies and use cases begin to emerge. As we continue to grow our understanding of the consumer mindset, we are seeing the vast possibilities of how biometrics can improve the shopping experience. However, there are still major hurdles, including privacy and adoption, to unlock before biometrics changes the payments ecosystem as we know it and reaches its full potential.

This webcast is a recording of a virtual course session held on October 13, 2020. Join Visa’s Innovation and Design team as we explore how biometrics is being used today and how Visa is leveraging its expertise to shape the future of biometrics. In this recording, you’ll learn how biometrics can enable payments, explore transformative opportunities and gain insights from pilots conducted by Visa’s team.

As a valued Visa member, this recording is available to you at no additional cost.

Key topics:

  • Biometrics modalities
  • History of biometrics
  • On-device verification
  • Single tenant identification
  • Fully distributed authentication
  • Privacy by design
  • Visa’s approach to biometrics

Who should attend

Clients interested in understanding new use cases for biometrics, how Visa is currently enabling biometrics and preparing for the future and how Visa can help financial institutions and merchants become leaders in this space.

Important note:

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